En immersion audiovisuelle au cœur de la performance musicale. Réalité virtuelle, spatialisation sonore et nouvelles techniques ethnographiques

Thursday, June 1st
Expériences immersives (1ère partie)
Ons Barnat, Caroline Traube, Frédéric Léotar
10h30 – 12h00

This project aims to develop an innovative methodology of immersive recording of musical performance using virtual reality technologies — 360-degree stereoscopic image capture and ambisonic digital audio capture. Moreover, this project intent on restoring musical experiences in an immersive and interactive audiovisual format that allows the listener spectators to immerse themselves in the heart of the performance. Two virtual reality experiences have been realized with two leading ensembles of the Montreal world music scene, the Kora Flamenca quartet (kora, double bass, flamenco guitar, cajon) and the Levantine Rhapsody quintet (kanun, violin, flutes, percussion, cello).