Rendre compte ex situ d’un réel extraordinaire : mise en scène projetée dans l’espace et développement technologique

Friday, June 2nd
Documentaires et engagement
Viva Paci and Martin Bonnard
15h00 – 16h30

In 2018, Felix & Paul is sending a custom-assembled camera to the International Space Station. The laboratory located in orbit has many constraints. Space is cramped and access is very expensive. Microgravity does not help matters. We will describe the filming of the Space Explorers series, the use of documentary images in the form of hemispheric projection at the Montreal planetarium and, finally, the staging of the virtual reality exhibition, L’infini. According to our intermedial and materialist perspective, we will underline the transmedia borrowings and the hybridization of disciplines that mark the passage of images between these three scenes.