this space is for you/cet espace est pour toi: (Re)orientations and the Stage as Intermedial Site

Thursday, June 1st
Expériences immersives (2ème partie)
Shauna Janssen and Kévin Pinvidic
13h30 – 14h30

this space is for you/cet space est pour toi is a site specific XR installation designed to be a conceptual place for considering ‘refugia’ (renewal) and spatial reorientations for practising the future place(s) of performance. Reorienting XR technologies towards scenographic and performative practices foregrounds the spatial performativity and porosity of ‘pluriversal’ (Escobar 2020) realities or worlds, what lies between these worlds and the material reality of ‘possible bodies.’ (Snelting 2022) Performance designers Janssen and Pinvidic share their collaborative research-creation process and what kinds of meaningful intermedial scenographies XR can stage, and the performative potential of technologies of capture.