Weekly Meditations : redéfinir la performance et la scène musicale à travers l’immersion

Thursday, June 1st
Expériences immersives (1ère partie)
Jérémie Martineau
10h30 – 12h00

Weekly Meditations is a cycle of seven audiovisual works for mixed and electronic ensembles, composed by Jérémie Martineau and exploring the immersive musical experience. Following a first axis of research creation, the aim is to rethink and renew the role of the performer in the context of an approach drawing on meditative practices. According to a second axis, the aim is to study how taking charge of the place, the atmosphere and the space of the performance favour the immersive dimension. Inspired by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening practice, the cycle is an invitation to practise a form of mindfulness and appreciation of the world around us more regularly, through the use of meditative practices in the creative process and in musical performance.